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Core Sectors

Fashion & Lifestyle

Fashion & Lifestyle

In today's era, we can witness how the entire eCommerce industry is developing at an unmatched rate. In such time, staying informed about the industry has become an immense requirement. With the accurate data, it becomes possible to gain a comprehensive understanding of the customers' needs. Besides, it is also essential that you take proper care of your loyal customers. With more people starting to believe in making online purchases of fashion products, there is a need for businesses to stay connected with the top logistics solutions provider. According to the statistics, it is clear that the fashion and style industry has the largest E-Commerce share. Online shoppers of the fashion industry have been offered simple and easy interfaces that influence buyers across the world without facing any geographical barriers.


Electronics & Technology

With the growth of technology which is taking a good part of every industry, companies are facing huge demand. Companies that are related to the technology or the tech companies, primarily, are the ones to pay attention to the manufacturing and development to offer technology services or technology products to the consumers. With the increase in globalization, the electronic and technology industries are the names that have been facing more pressure in terms of cost and time. At Eurasia, we understand the primary reason for the pressure, and we respect it. Offering customized solutions for these industries aids in optimizing the production process. We collaborate and plan with the supply chain to improve the flow and end products. As we have always wanted to improve customer satisfaction and reduce business expenses, we offer the best international shipping services at the most competitive prices.

Food & Beverages

Managing the global logistic service to different industries has enabled us to acquire a huge range of experience. Similarly, being a part of the food and beverage industry, we comprehend the challenges that come in between forwarding them. Thus, we have the storage equipped with a temperature controlled system to make it a good choice for bulk storage. Maintaining a secure rack system for proper transportation, we make sure that we offer seamless delivery of the foods and beverages without causing any difference in its quality. The complexities of the beverage industry is something that imposes a big challenge, we as logistic service provide to take up the challenges.


Wines & Spirits

Being a logistic service provider, we handle a lot of challenges every day. Different industries have different kinds of challenges but thankfully with our fantastic team and being well-equipped, we are able to manage the needs of the industry in a seamless way. With us, we make sure that handling such challenging shipments of wines and spirits would be easy. No doubt that transporting wines and spirits is one of the biggest challenges that we face. Besides, with different nations having different parameters that we need to meet, we can make sure that choosing us would make it possible. We have handled it before and thus, we can guide you through the transportation as well. Not only do we have the racks that can easily transport wine internationally, but also being an international freight forwarding service provider, we make sure that the wines and spirits are safe. We keep the containers temperature controlled so that your consumers receive the best of what they are paying.


Art Logistics

We work closely with different names that are known to offer the best solutions. With the art industry becoming more popular and it is a logistic service breaking the geographical barriers, we are here to reach them to the end users. Not only do we offer transport solutions for a single consumer but also we take orders from hotels, galleries and museums where there is a bulk need. We customize our products as per our clients' needs and requirements. In all these years, we have learned about the unique needs of the industry. We offer different kinds of containers depending on the type of goods. Besides, we already know that the arts need to be transported in a very caring manner and thus, with us you can stay assured that you will receive them as it is. So, for your diverse logistic fulfillment service needs, you can get in touch with us. Since we understand the dynamic nature of the market, we keep adapting as per the need and requirements. Besides, holding experience in working with the top automotive brands, we ensure providing you with top-notch logistic service. Our services include distribution, transportation, consolidation and supply chain management across the globe. These are among the other value added services that make us unique from others.



We have always wanted to be among the best logistics solutions provider companies which has made us offer services to different industries. From the many other industries, FMCG industries are one of the most common names that we serve. We have witnessed the growth of the FMCG industries and thus, we offer the best freight forwarding services to meet the varied needs of this industry. Our cost-effective logistic solution that is able to serve the manufacturers and suppliers by making sure that we are able to transport the goods. We strive to be one of the top international shipping forwarder companies that can surpass the variety of needs and requirements. We comprehend the need to maintain the quality of goods which is why we offer the best containers that can fulfill your requirements. We are the air and sea freight forwarders who offer international delivery in the most effective way.

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Managing the demand of the market and to meet the ever growing change, we at Eurasia offer the best logistics fulfillment services to meet the varying demands. Being one of the most fragile goods that need to be kept in the right temperature, we offer containers that can ensure the best condition of the goods. Thus, we believe in personalizing the services as one size fits all is not something that suits the industry. We know that the consumers are waiting to get cure from the products. Thus in case of any change in temperature, it might have an effect in the formulation. Thankfully we have the best professionals and the transportation equipment. These are temperature controlled to make sure that the goods of the healthcare industry are transported in a proper condition. Choosing one of the leading international ocean freight shipping companies has enabled us to deliver the healthcare materials in the best possible condition. With our available professionals and transportation equipment, we make sure that you can succeed and thrive in your endeavor and so do we.


Industrial & Material Science

There is no doubt that challenges are pretty common when it comes to industrial and medical science. However, with our excellent professionals that we have along with transportation equipment, we make sure that we are able to offer the perfect logistic solution. Since there is a large spectrum of verticals available within this sector from construction to industrial chemicals to machinery parts, we make sure that we become the one-stop solution for the international logistics services. We personalize the service of every requirement to ensure that you are getting the best from us. For example, if it is the machinery and its components, we offer different containers compared to packed chemicals or raw materials. We work closely with each client to understand their needs and work accordingly. Keeping in mind about meeting the parameters of the region, we go through thorough checks to ensure a seamless delivery.



Our global network makes sure that the vehicles and their components reach the final destination without facing any difficulties in between. Besides, the range of transport modes and storage services available with us makes us your reliable and final choice. Whether it is about raw material transportation or to the end customers, you will get a complete service with us. Besides, we also customize the solution as per the needs of the customers. Our prime focus lies in decreasing the harm caused from transit and improved customer satisfaction. Since we understand the dynamic nature of the market, we keep adapting as per the need and requirements. Besides, holding experience in working with the top automotive brands, we ensure providing you with top-notch logistic service. Our services include distribution, transportation, consolidation and supply chain management across the globe. These are among the other value added services that make us unique from others.

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